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Fear of public speaking

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I WAS TOLD that one of the greatest fears people have is speaking in public. I have to speak a lot in public, in temples and at conferences, at marriages and funerals, on talkback radio, and even on live television. It’s part of my job.

I remember one occasion when, five minutes before I was to give a public talk, fear overwhelmed me. I hadn’t prepared anything; I had no idea what I was going to say. About three hundred people were sitting in the hall expecting to be inspired. They had given up their evening to hear me talk. I began thinking to myself: “What if I can’t think of anything to say? What if I say the wrong thing? What if I make a fool of myself?”

All fear begins with the thought What if and continues with something disastrous. I was predicting the future, and with negativity. I was being stupid. I knew I was being stupid. I knew I was being stupid; I knew all the theory, but it wasn’t working. Fear kept rolling in. I was in trouble.

All fear begins with the thought What if and continues with something disastrous.

That evening I developed a trick, what we call in monk-speak “a skillful means,” which overcame my fear then, and which has worked ever since. I decided that it didn’t matter if my audience enjoyed the talk or not, as long as I enjoyed my talk. I decided to have fun.

Now, whenever I give a talk, I have fun. I enjoy myself. I tell funny stories, often at my own expense, and laugh at them with the audience.

One time on live radio in Singapore I told Ajahn Chah’s prediction about the currency of the future (Singaporeans are interested in things economic).

Ajahn Chah predicted once that the world would run out of paper for banknotes and metal for coins, so the people


“The Mother”, a poem written by Hitler

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By: Adolf Hitler

This poetry was written by the Germany dictator, Adolf Hitler in 1923. This beautiful poem was dedicated for his beloved mother. Even a dictator who had killed millions of people, love his mother very much (:

The Mother 

“When your mother has grown older,
When her dear, faithful eyes
no longer see life as they once did,
When her feet, grown tired,
No longer want to carry her as she walks –

Then lend her your arm in support,
Escort her with happy pleasure.
The hour will come when, weeping, you
Must accompany her on her final walk.

And if she asks you something,
Then give her an answer.
And if she asks again, then speak!
And if she asks yet again, respond to her,
Not impatiently, but with gentle calm.

And if she cannot understand you properly
Explain all to her happily.
The hour will come, the bitter hour,
When her mouth asks for nothing more.”

Adolf Hitler, 1923.

Terjemahan Indonesia


Bunda telah beranjak sepuh dan kau telah tumbuh dewasa,

Kala yang biasanya mudah dan tanpa upaya, kini jadi beban,

Kala mata terkasihnya nan setia,

tak menerawang kehidupan seperti dahulu,

Kala kakinya mulai lelah dan enggan menyokong tubuhnya lagi,

Kala itu berikanlah lenganmu untuk menyokongnya,

temanilah ia dengan kegembiraan dan sukacita,

Waktu akan tiba, ketika kau terisak menemaninya,

dalam perjalanan terakhirnya.

Dan jika ia bertanya kepadamu, selalu menjawabnya,

Dan jika ia bertanya lain kali, jawablah pula.

tidak dengan gelegar, namun dengan damai lembut,

Dan jika ia tak mampu mengertimu dengan baik,

jelaskan semuanya dengan sukacita,

Waktu akan tiba, waktu nan getir,

tatkala mulutnya tak akan bertanya lagi…

Puisi ini diterjemahkan dari bahasa Jerman pada tahun 1923, ditulis oleh orang yang sangat mencintai ibunya. Dia adalah…

Adolf Hitler

Samurai vs Monk

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Dhamma by: Ajahn Brahm

Translated by: Admin

One day, a samurai knight was wondering whether there is a heaven and a hell. Hence, he met a famous monk in his village hoping to get the satisfying answer. He asked, “Vulnerable Monk, I am coming here to ask you a question. You obviously are a wise and honest man, thus, if you don’t know the exact answer, please say don’t know. In nitty-gritty, please be honest. Do not compose your own answer, I can recognize the lying face easily. My question is: Is there a heaven and a hell?”

The monk answered curtly, “You are too silly to know the answer !” He insult the knight! As we know that samurai knight is the chosen knight, they are not silly, they are brilliant and smart, the had been trained within intensive trainings. Obviously the samurai has been offended by the monk words.

The samurai knight then replied, “Vulnerable Monk, I am not silly. Just answer the question, if you don’t know, just say “I don’t know” !”

“Listen to me! I feel sluggish to answer a question from a goon like you! Get out!” This monk called the prestigious knight as a goon.

This knight suddenly put on his hand on his samurai and said, “Watch your mouth, monk ! This sword is so keen that can cut through your meat and cut down your head in one move !”

The monk said again, “That rusty metal? You even can’t cut a piece of cake by that corrosion samurai !”

That words really stab inside his heart. He can’t help it anymore. He put out his samurai and exactly slashed to the monk neck. The monk suddenly shout and stare at the knight, “That is the HELL ! When you are filled with anger, when your mental is down, when you feel disappointed and offended, that is the HELL !”

Frankly, the samurai knight was understand the monk’s meaning. The knight suddenly said, “Finally… I have met the wisest person who can give me a proof, not just telling a tale.” That is not an answer which needs a further ado, the monk make the knight reveal the answer himself. The monk didn’t say that the answer is written on the scripture, but he taught the samurai knight directly. Isn’t it brilliant? Teaching a person NOT to their HEAD, but to their HEART.

The samurai knight kneel-down immediately, with tears dropping from his eyes, “You are such an incredible monk. Thank you, Master !”

The monk stare at him while smiling and said, “That is HEAVEN ! The HEAVEN is happening in your current feeling now. Please keep it in your heart, do not let it go. Because that is your HEAVEN !”

My friends, we can actually understand either the heaven and the hell in our own life as well, that is a temporary feeling only and we tend to undergoing through these two conditions again and again, sometimes we just not realize it…

The Best Marriage

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By: Mario Teguh

Translated by: admin


Michel de Montaigne, a famous writer from France in 16th century, once said:


A good marriage is a marriage between a blind wife and a deaf husband


This kind of critical observation still effective until today,  5 century after it was stated by Montaigne, that

A good wife, she actually sees the inferior and the weaknesses of her husband, but she never reduces her love and honor for the efforts and good attempts established by her husband.

A good husband, he actually hears the complaints and criticism of his wife, but he tend to ignore the complaints and tend to calming his wife rather than add some fire to her hot stove, because a good husband knows what is the goal obviously hoped by his wife.

Hence, if a husband and wife have a mutual trust, that nothing wanted by both of them but the goodness of their relationship, that nothing wanted by both of them but the happiness of their family. I believe, this kind of relationship


 Marriage is the strongest basic institution construct by God in order to conserve the natural view created by Him. ^ ^ 



Avoid Gossip, so you can be promoted

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By: Joel Osteen

I have a friend that worked for this well-known minister when he was a young man. One night they were in another city holding a conference. After the service, the two main staff members for this well-known minister invited this young man to come to their hotel room and watch the ballgame and have some snacks. So this young man went over there. They were having a good time just hanging out. But all of the sudden, these two staff members began to talk about their boss. They were so negative and so critical and judgmental toward him. This young man was shocked. Here he was just new on staff. These other two men had been with this minister for over 20 years. When he heard how bad they were talking, something just stirred on the inside that said, “This is not right. You need to go. You need to leave.” So he very politely excused himself. He never said anything else about it. But a couple of weeks later, that well-known minister called these two staff members in and said, “I was praying this morning, and I just feel like you’re no longer on board with me, so I’m going to ask you to leave.” They were both dismissed.

Today, this young man is a very well-known minister. He goes all over the world. But he also said, “I know if I had not left that night, if I would have allowed them to poison me and become critical and judgmental, I would not be where I am today.” Those other two men were just as gifted. They had all kinds of potential. But for years and years, all they’ve done is flounder around. They’ve never walked in the fullness of what God has in store. It’s because they have this critical spirit.

Man looking upGod longs to continually bless us and take us higher and higher
If you want God to promote you in your career and in life, you need to make it a priority to avoid gossip. That also means you shouldn’t be nosey. Nosey people are critical people. They want to know all the details and latest scoop, not so they can pray for the person, not because they are genuinely interested, but because they know they’ll hear something juicy that will feed their flesh and they can run and tell their friends, “Did you hear what I heard? Did you know what they did? Did you hear the latest?” No, yourattitude should be, “I didn’t hear and I don’t want to hear. I don’t want to be poisoned. My ears are not garbage cans to fill with a bunch of trash.”

If somebody at work is trying to tell you something bad about somebody else, don’t sit there and be passive. You might say, “Joel, I couldn’t help it. They wanted to tell me.” Sure, you can. Just say, “You know what? I just remembered I’ve got an important appointment. I’ve got to go to. I’m going to have to excuse myself.” If you can’t leave, you can say, “Well, you know? Instead of talking about this person, why don’t we pray for them?” Stay on the offensive.

Don’t let people poison you. If your friends and co-workers are critical, faultfinders, gossips, backbiters, you need to find some new friends. Those spirits can rub off on you. You shouldn’t go to lunch every day with people from work that sit around and badmouth the company, criticize the boss, gossip and complain. I know you might think that if you don’t go to lunch with them that you may be lonely, but I’d rather be lonely than poisoned. I would rather be lonely than allow people that are not going anywhere in life to keep me from my God-given destiny. You might think, “Well, Joel, if I don’t go with them, they may start talking about me.” No, let me tell you a secret. Most likely, they’re already talking about you! If they’ll talk about others in front of you, then when you’re not there, they’ll talk about you.

If people are stirring up things around you, talking about the leadership, talking about your family, talking about your friends, don’t sit there and be a part of it. That can keep you from your God-given destiny.

God will not promote a critical spirit, a gossip, a faultfinder, someone that is sowing discord. And if you have a problem with someone, go to them face to face, not behind their back. You may not agree with everything. There may be things you don’t understand. But don’t be a gossip. Don’t go around stirring up trouble. If you’re not behind the company that you work for, you need to go find another job. But as long as you are taking their paycheck, you should not be critical and condemning. You should support those people and that organization.

Decide to honor God in your conversations and even your thoughts in the workplace. If you want God to promote you, make sure you keep a pure heart and stay away from gossip. God longs to continually bless us and take us higher and higher in all aspects of life, even in our careers; but we have to make sure we’re doing our part by keeping our heart pure and our mouth free of gossip and strife.


How to increase your money in God’s Way

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By: Joel Osteen

God is a Covenant Keeper

My study is filled with books about money, investing, wealth and similar topics. Often, I am asked about the best book I have read about money. My answer is always the same; the bible.

I like to play golf. Golf is a game of opposites. Similarly, the bible is a teaching on opposites concerning money. The world has taught us a method that has brought us to a debt level never experienced in America. The world has taught us that if you want something bad enough, just charge it and pay for it later. We are enticed by automobile manufacturers to take out 5 year loans and sell the car before it is paid for and go in debt another 5 years. We are a nation where our grandparents lived in the same home for all their life and now the average American sells and move every seven years. We have become a nation that loves immediate gratification, without thought of the consequence of the debt load.

As the debt load increases, it becomes more difficult to have money over and above the debt and living expenses to do our part of God’s financial plan. Perhaps, even becoming so overwhelmed by debt that God is no longer in the financial calculations.


How do I increase money, God’s way?

First of all, God is a covenant keeper. In Malachi 3, he tells us to pay our tithes and offerings. Many people have told me the tithe is Old Testament. However, Jesus said in Matthew 23, that you should tithe but not ignore justice, mercy and faith. By tithing, you are giving back to God the first of your increase. Our offerings are over and above the tithe. Through the tithe and offering, we move into financial covenant with God. Psalm 35:27 tells us God delights in the prosperity of his children.

The offering allows you to sow into God’s kingdom. The world tells us when times are difficult to hold on tight and not give away. Proverbs 11:24 “it is possible to give away and become richer! It is also possible to hold on too tight and lose everything. yes, the liberal man shall be rich.”

The next step is to develop a plan to put God first in your money. God wants his children to be the lender and not the borrower. Have you ever thought what it will feel like the first morning you awake and you are debt free, including your home? It takes a plan to accomplish this. This plan begins your move into the role of “steward.” A steward is someone who takes care of someone else’s possessions as if they were his own. We are all passing through life on earth towards eternal life in heaven. While we are here, we are God’s stewards. We need to manage today what he has entrusted us with, to become worthy to manage more of his resources. God will meet you at your level of expectation. Psalm 62:5 tells us my expectations are from God. Expect God to move in your finances when you tithe, give offerings and are the steward of a diligent plan.

God is not interested in getting money to you as much as he wants to get money through you. In other words, you become his steward exercising Proverbs 11:24 by giving away money liberally so he will increase you. It is not how much money you make that is paramount. It is what you do with what you make that determines your success as a steward of God.

To increase your money God’s way, tithe, give offerings and have a plan for the rest of God’s money. Proverbs 10:4 tells us the hands of the diligent will prosper. The answer for money increase has always been available to you; in the bible. Implementing tithing, offerings and a spending plan allows you to apply the word of God into your money. After applying these three simple steps, it will become easier for you to see a Vision of Victory in your finances.

Mario Teguh, the Indonesia’s most-expensive motivator

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By: admin

Mario Teguh was born and raised in Makassar, March 5, 1956. He is a motivator and a consultant from Indonesia. His real name is Sis Maryono Teguh, but his TV name is Mario Teguh. He accomplished his Bachelor of Education at IKIP Malang. Mario Teguh had ever worked for City Bank before establishing Business Effectiveness Consultant Mario Teguh Super Club (MTSC). Now, he is a main speaker at Mario Teguh Golden Ways, and now he is the motivator with the highest income in Indonesia.


His name start booming and known widely by people when he became a host of Mario Teguh Golden Ways TV show at Metro TV. Then, followed by the similar TV show named after Business Art at O’Channel. At the same time, Mario Teguh has been known widely by people in Indonesia and overseas, and known as one of the greatest and the most-expensive motivator in Indonesia.


* New Trier West High (similar to Senior High School) in Chicago, USA, 1975

* Institut Keguruan dan Ilmu Pendidikan Malang (Bachelor) for Linguistics and  English as education

* Sophia University for Business Interaction, Tokyo, Japan

* Indiana University, USA, 1983