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How to increase your money in God’s Way

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By: Joel Osteen

God is a Covenant Keeper

My study is filled with books about money, investing, wealth and similar topics. Often, I am asked about the best book I have read about money. My answer is always the same; the bible.

I like to play golf. Golf is a game of opposites. Similarly, the bible is a teaching on opposites concerning money. The world has taught us a method that has brought us to a debt level never experienced in America. The world has taught us that if you want something bad enough, just charge it and pay for it later. We are enticed by automobile manufacturers to take out 5 year loans and sell the car before it is paid for and go in debt another 5 years. We are a nation where our grandparents lived in the same home for all their life and now the average American sells and move every seven years. We have become a nation that loves immediate gratification, without thought of the consequence of the debt load.

As the debt load increases, it becomes more difficult to have money over and above the debt and living expenses to do our part of God’s financial plan. Perhaps, even becoming so overwhelmed by debt that God is no longer in the financial calculations.


How do I increase money, God’s way?

First of all, God is a covenant keeper. In Malachi 3, he tells us to pay our tithes and offerings. Many people have told me the tithe is Old Testament. However, Jesus said in Matthew 23, that you should tithe but not ignore justice, mercy and faith. By tithing, you are giving back to God the first of your increase. Our offerings are over and above the tithe. Through the tithe and offering, we move into financial covenant with God. Psalm 35:27 tells us God delights in the prosperity of his children.

The offering allows you to sow into God’s kingdom. The world tells us when times are difficult to hold on tight and not give away. Proverbs 11:24 “it is possible to give away and become richer! It is also possible to hold on too tight and lose everything. yes, the liberal man shall be rich.”

The next step is to develop a plan to put God first in your money. God wants his children to be the lender and not the borrower. Have you ever thought what it will feel like the first morning you awake and you are debt free, including your home? It takes a plan to accomplish this. This plan begins your move into the role of “steward.” A steward is someone who takes care of someone else’s possessions as if they were his own. We are all passing through life on earth towards eternal life in heaven. While we are here, we are God’s stewards. We need to manage today what he has entrusted us with, to become worthy to manage more of his resources. God will meet you at your level of expectation. Psalm 62:5 tells us my expectations are from God. Expect God to move in your finances when you tithe, give offerings and are the steward of a diligent plan.

God is not interested in getting money to you as much as he wants to get money through you. In other words, you become his steward exercising Proverbs 11:24 by giving away money liberally so he will increase you. It is not how much money you make that is paramount. It is what you do with what you make that determines your success as a steward of God.

To increase your money God’s way, tithe, give offerings and have a plan for the rest of God’s money. Proverbs 10:4 tells us the hands of the diligent will prosper. The answer for money increase has always been available to you; in the bible. Implementing tithing, offerings and a spending plan allows you to apply the word of God into your money. After applying these three simple steps, it will become easier for you to see a Vision of Victory in your finances.


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