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The Best Marriage

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By: Mario Teguh

Translated by: admin


Michel de Montaigne, a famous writer from France in 16th century, once said:


A good marriage is a marriage between a blind wife and a deaf husband


This kind of critical observation still effective until today,  5 century after it was stated by Montaigne, that

A good wife, she actually sees the inferior and the weaknesses of her husband, but she never reduces her love and honor for the efforts and good attempts established by her husband.

A good husband, he actually hears the complaints and criticism of his wife, but he tend to ignore the complaints and tend to calming his wife rather than add some fire to her hot stove, because a good husband knows what is the goal obviously hoped by his wife.

Hence, if a husband and wife have a mutual trust, that nothing wanted by both of them but the goodness of their relationship, that nothing wanted by both of them but the happiness of their family. I believe, this kind of relationship


 Marriage is the strongest basic institution construct by God in order to conserve the natural view created by Him. ^ ^ 




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