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Hello guys!

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Welcome to LifeTutors. This is the site of the greatest life-tutors ever and the site where Chinese 5000 years wisdoms spread. For instance, you will find out the stories and spiritual-advice from Thai’s forest monk Ajahn Brahm, life tutorials from Indonesian well-known motivator Andrie Wongso, and as well as the wisdoms of Chinese.

Here is my short profile:

My name is Yohanes Lim. I was born and raised in a small town named Pontianak-Indonesia. I was a 17 y.o teenager, and I love to learn new things. Everything written on this site is inspired by the books I have ever read and workshops that I have ever joined. From this blog, I just want to share my stories, experiences, and as well as knowledge to people around this world. Hence, visit my blog and enjoy the stories. ^ ^

Overall, for the further stories, let’s open the next page ^ ^